Shingle Creek (British Columbia)

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Shingle Creek
Shingle Creek (British Columbia)1.jpg
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
Source Mount Brent
 - location East of Penticton
Mouth Okanagan River
 - location Penticton
 - elevation 1,112 ft (339 m) [1]
 - coordinates 49°28′45″N 119°35′53″W / 49.47917°N 119.59806°W / 49.47917; -119.59806Coordinates: 49°28′45″N 119°35′53″W / 49.47917°N 119.59806°W / 49.47917; -119.59806

Shingle Creek is a tributary of the Okanagan River, joining the Okanagan within the City of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, after rising on the eastern slopes of Mount Brent[2] in the southern Thompson Plateau to the west of the city, approaching it via the south flank of Mount Nkwala, which overlooks the city.[3] It has been variously mapped as the Beaver River, Beaver Creek, and Riviere aux serpents. The unincorporated community of Shingle Creek, to the west of Mount Nkwala, is named for this stream.

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