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Pronunciation shin-íchí
Gender Male
Word/name Japanese
Meaning It can have many different meanings depending on the kanji used
Region of origin Japanese
Other names
Related names Shin

Shin'ichi or Shinichi is a very common masculine Japanese given name. Shin and ichi are separated and it is pronounced [ɕiɴitɕi].

Possible writings[edit]

Different kanji that are pronounced "shin" (しん) are combined with the kanji for "one" (, ichi, いち)" to give different names:

  • 真一, "true, one"
  • 信一, "belief, one"
  • 伸一, "extend, one"
  • 進一, "progress, one"
  • 新一, "new, one"
  • 慎一, "humility, one"
  • 晋一, "advance, one"
  • 紳一, "gentleman, one"
  • 鎮一, "tranquilize, one"
  • 愼一, "care, one"

The names share the same furigana: しんいち.



with the given name Shin'ichi


  • Shinichi Kudō (新一) in the US Version is his name : Jimmy Kudo, the main protagonist of the anime and manga series Detective Conan /Case Closed(At the US Version)
  • Shin'ichi Akiyama, the male protagonist of the manga Liar game
  • Shin'ichi Chiaki, the male protagonist of the manga Nodame Cantabile
  • Shinichi Izumi, the protagonist of the anime and manga series Parasyte
  • Shinichi, kitsune antagonist in the trilogy of books The Vampire Diaries: The Return
  • Shinichi Namura is a character in Marmalade Boy. He is Meiko's teacher and secret lover in the manga and anime series.