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A Shinro puzzle in its initial state...
...and with the hidden Holes displayed.

Shinro (しんろ?) is a logic-based puzzle that has similarities to Sudoku and Minesweeper. The objective is to locate 12 hidden 'Holes' on an 8×8 grid. The board contains a variable number of arrows, each of which points to at least one Hole. A count of the number of Holes is given for each Row and Column.

Originally appearing in Japanese puzzle magazines, Shinro was popularized by its appearance in Southwest Airline's Spirit Magazine.[1] It has since spawned web-based and iPhone versions.


New York-based puzzle-writing company Puzzability has been credited with coining the name Shinro in 2007.[2] The name Shinro (しんろ?) translates to "compass bearing", referring to the arrows that point towards the Holes.[3]





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