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Shirley Bottolfsen (born 12 February 1934)[1] is an Irish woman who lives in Bodø, Norway. For over twenty years she has raised money to help the poor.

Bottolfsen was born in Tipperary, the eldest of five children in a Catholic family, and immigrated to Bodø in 1956 with her first husband, a Norwegian sailor. He died at sea a few years later, leaving her with two young children. In 1983 she remarried to Per Bottolfsen, a dentist.[2]

Bottolfsen works with the Salvation Army and the municipality, but also as a one-person fundraising group.[3] Her primary fundraising method is to stand for hours in the Glasshuset (glass house) covered section of the pedestrian precinct in central Bodø with a collection bucket; she also runs a summer lottery.[2] As of 2005 she had raised 7 million kroner.[4] She has been a benefactor to a children's home in Lithuania.[2] She has raised several hundred thousand kroner for the poor and elderly in Porsanger; when honoured by the municipality in 2009, she donated the monetary award in the form of a 70-person coffee service and tablecloths.[5] She delivers food to needy people's homes in Bodø six days a week,[1][6] and gives Christmas gifts to the poor every year starting on 22 December.[4] In 2004 she donated security alarms to elderly people in Bodø and then protested the municipality's requiring service fees from those people.[7] In 2012 she raised money for some Roma families to return home to Romania, but felt misused when they returned to Oslo.[8]

For her volunteer and humanitarian work, she was awarded the King's Medal of Merit in silver in 2005.[4] The same year, the Norwegian TV company TV 2 made a documentary about her called Julenissen kommer fra Irland (Santa comes from Ireland).[4][9][10] In 2014, she received an international humanitarian prize from the Lions Club; the local Lions Club leader had sought the award for her for over twenty years.[3][11] She was also awarded the Progress Party's John Ingolf Alvheim Prize in 2014.[12] She features in the music video for the song "Mirage" by Heyerdahl.[13]

Bottolfsen has lived in the same house in Bodø since 1977. Her husband died in 2012; the following year, a group of volunteers repaired her house as a thankyou to her.[14] However, since she was having a rental flat created without building permission, the municipality ordered all work to stop.[15]


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