Shiva Space Machine

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Shiva Space Machine
Studio album by Me Mom & Morgentaler
Released 1993
Genre third wave ska
Label Chooch Records
Producer Glen Robinson
Me Mom & Morgentaler chronology
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Shiva Space Machine
We Are Revolting: Live & Obscure 1990-1994
(1994)We Are Revolting: Live & Obscure 1990-19941994

Shiva Space Machine was an album by Me Mom & Morgentaler, released in 1993 on Chooch Records. It was the band's sole full-length studio album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Are You Really Happy? (Intro)"
  2. "Jacqueline"
  3. "Oh Well"
  4. "Everybody's Got AIDS"
  5. "I Still Love You Eve"
  6. "Angel's Time"
  7. "Heloise"
  8. "My Mother's Friends"
  9. "Anarchie"
  10. "Your Friend"
  11. "Pepita la pistolera"
  12. "Invasion of the Corporate Cockroaches from Planet Widdley"
  13. "No More Nervous Breakdown"
  14. "The Ghost of Martin Sheen"
  15. "Open Up for Your Demon"
  16. "Landlord"