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Shivaree may refer to:

  • Shivaree (custom), a clamorous salutation made to a newlywed couple
  • During the 1870s, in the Midwestern US, a variant on the practice of shivaree (custom) involved forced separation of the bride and groom on their wedding night.
  • Shivaree (band), an American band formed in 1997
  • Shivaree (play), a play by William Mastrosimone
  • Shivaree (TV series), an American popular music television program originating from Hollywood that aired from 1965 to 1966 and was hosted by Gene Weed
  • A performance of rough music, an English folk tradition, in the United States
  • "The Shivaree", episode 20 from season 3 of The Waltons
  • "Shivaree", episode 19 from season 1 of The Rifleman