Shmavon Mangasarov

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Shmavon G. Mangasarov (1 August 1907 – 1992) – Armenian artist who lived for many years in Azerbaijan and one of the founders and members of the Azerbaijan society of revolutionary art workers.

  • Member of the "USSR Union of Artists" and was named the "Honored Artist of Azerbaijan".
  • Member of Young Artists Association of Azerbaijan.



During life

  • 1928 1st Exhibition of Young Artists Organizations of Azerbaijan (Baku)
  • 1930 1st Exhibition of Azerbaijan Revolutionary Art Workers Association (AZORRIIS) (Baku)
  • 1931 Exhibition of Artists of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia (Moscow)
  • 1932 The Soviet revolution art in Philadelphia
  • 1940 Art Exhibition, a visit to the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Soviet power in Azerbaijan (Baku)
  • 1946 Exhibition of painters-veterans of the WW2 (Baku)
  • 1947 National Art Exhibition of Azerbaijani artists dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution (Baku)
  • 1949 Exhibition of new works of artists of the Republic (Baku)
  • 1954 Republican Art Exhibition of 1954 (Baku)
  • 1954 Exhibition of Artists of the Azerbaijan SSR and Armenian SSR (Moscow) Georgian SSR, Azerbaijan SSR И Armenian SSR (Москва)
  • 1955 Republican Art Exhibition of 1955 (Baku)
  • 1957 Republican Art Exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution (Baku)

After death

Works in the collections[edit]