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Shodex is a brand of HPLC columns and is best known for innovative size-exclusion chromatography and sugar-analysis columns. In addition, Shodex has introduced highly effective Restricted Access Material (RAM) columns for both polar and non-polar small molecule analysis. The new solid-sphere ionic exchange columns for ultra fast protein analysis can be used in conventional HPLC or UHPLC instruments. Recently, an ultra high-temperature reversed-phased column operating up to 150 Degrees Celsius providing enhanced control in selectivity was introduced.

Shodex HPLC Columns are made in Japan by Showa Denko, one of the largest Japanese chemical companies. They produce more than 800 different columns, most packed with polymer-based packing material, and have been doing so since 1973.

Products include standard analysis columns, semi-micro and micro columns, and preparative columns. They also manufacture HPLC instruments such as refractive index (RI) detectors and degassing devices.

Shodex is distributed in the US by Showa Denko America as well as by a range of analytical products makers and distributors.

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