Shoes (Kelly song)

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Song by Kelly
from the album Shoes
Released August 29, 2006
Format Digital download
Length 2:47 (album version)[1]
Label TuneCore
Songwriter(s) Liam Kyle Sullivan
Music video
"Shoes" on YouTube

"Shoes" is the debut single by comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan, under his female Kelly character. It was released for digital download on August 29, 2006. The song has become popular in pop culture, and has been performed live many times. It also made Sullivan an icon in pop culture. Kelly appears in VH1's I Hate My 30's, as well as being in Weezer's video for "Pork and Beans". The song also won the 2008 People's Choice Award for "Best User Generated Video".[2] It is also Kelly's biggest hit to date.

A radio edit of the song was released, featuring screaming sounds in place of the repeated "Fuck you!" phrase near the end of the song.

Music video[edit]

Kelly as she appears partying in the song's music video.

The music video was released along with the song on Liam Kyle Sullivan's official YouTube account. The song became an instant hit on the internet, and has been viewed over 64,000,000 times on Sullivan's YouTube account alone.

The video starts out with Kelly (Sullivan), along with her mother (Pam Cook), father (Sullivan), and twin brother (Sullivan). It is the twins' birthday, and they are about to open their presents. Her brother goes first and gets a new computer and a car. Kelly's present turns out to be a large, purple stuffed dinosaur with a goofy grin. After arguing with her family for a few moments, Kelly turns to leave. When asked where she's going, she replies "I'm going to get what I want." Her father, obviously knowing what that is, says, "Christ". After this, the video consists of Kelly singing the song while going to various shoe stores with her friends. At four shoe stores, the clerks tell Kelly she has too many shoes. She pushes one of them down and steps on his face. There are also scenes in which she is singing with a microphone. The video shows a party going on outside and scenes of two girls dancing with a ring of fire. At the end, the girl with the ring of fire blows it out.


Other than its popularity on YouTube, the song found minor success on iTunes. Although it failed to chart on the iTunes charts (like all of Kelly's singles) it did have promotion. Not only did the single gain more publicity after winning the People's Choice Award, but it has been performed live on several occasions, at small clubs and venues. Tickets for the show sold fairly well. Also, Sullivan portrayed Kelly in the VH1 special I Hate My 30's. Also, Kelly was featured in the 2007 music video "Shores of California" by The Dresden Dolls. She was also featured in Weezer's "Pork and Beans" music video, along with many other internet stars.


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