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Short may refer to:



Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

  • Short film, a cinema format (also called film short or short subject)
  • Short story, prose generally readable in one sitting
  • The Short-Timers, a 1979 semi-autobiographical novel by Gustav Hasford, about military short-timers in Vietnam

Brands and enterprises[edit]

Computing and technology[edit]



  • Short pastry, one which is rich in butter with a crumbly texture, as in shortbread
  • Shortening, any kind of fat which creates a crumbly pastry


Other uses[edit]

  • Short (cricket), fielding positions closer to the batsman
  • Short time, a situation in which a civilian employee works reduced hours, or a military person is approaching the end of their enlistment
  • Short vowel, a vowel sound of short perceived duration
    • Extra-short, a speech sound, such as a reduced vowel, of particularly short duration

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