Showcase in a Suitcase

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Showcase in a Suitcase
Studio album by Prince Far I meets Veros Artis
Released 1980
Recorded Channel One Studios, Kingston, Jamaica, 1980
Genre Reggae
Label Pre
Producer Prince Far I

Showcase In A Suitcase is a reggae album comprising showcase (songs followed by dubs) format material produced by Prince Far I, and performed by Prince Far I, Ashanti Roy, The Wailing Souls, and Naggo Morris. The backing band throughout is the Roots Radics. The tracks on the album were taken from singles released on Prince Far I's Cry Tuff label, and remixed for inclusion on the album.[1] The album reached number six in the UK Reggae Chart published by Sounds in December 1980.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Throw Away Your Gun" - Prince Far I & Ashanti Roy
  2. "Buds Bush" - The Roots Radics
  3. "How Love Devine" - Prince Far I & The Wailing Souls
  4. "Lowers Frock" - The Roots Radics
  5. "If You Want To Know Your Friend" - Prince Far I & Ashanti Roy
  6. "Farm Drunk" - The Roots Radics
  7. "Can't Take Su Su Pon Dread" - Naggo Morris
  8. "Prince Far I Dub" - The Roots Radics
  9. "Mighty Ruler" - Prince Far I & Naggo Morris
  10. "Jah Do That" - The Roots Radics


Engineered by Anthony "Crucial Bunny" Graham and Noel "Scollie" Simms


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