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Shubael Dimock (ca. 1753 – July 14, 1834) was a political figure in Nova Scotia. He represented Newport township in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly from 1793 to 1799 and from 1826 to 1830; later, he represented Hants County from 1799 to 1820.[1][2]

Dimock was born in Mansfield, Connecticut, the son of Shubael Dimock and Eunice Marsh.[1][2] Dimock moved to Nova Scotia with his father in 1759, where the elder Dimock moved to escape religious persecution because of his involvement in with the Separate Baptists.[2] Like his father, Dimock also became a preacher; he also served as a magistrate.[1]

Dimock was married twice.[1][2][3] His first marriage, to Susan Macumber, produced six children.[2][3] Shubael and Susan's fourth child, Ichabod, also served as a member of the provincial assembly.[1][2] Dimock's second marriage, to Grace Irish, resulted in one son.[2][3]

Dimock died in Newport at the age of 81.[2][3]


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