Shuya River (Karelia)

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Shuya River
Early 20th-century photo of a bridge across the Shuya River.
Country Russia
Basin features
Main source Lake Suoyarvi
River mouth Lake Logmozero
Basin size 10,100 km2 (3,900 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 194 km (121 mi)
  • Average rate:
    130 m3/s (4,600 cu ft/s)

The Shuya River (Finnish: Suojoki, also Suoju, Russian: Шуя) is a river in the Republic of Karelia in Russia. The length of the river is 194 km. The area of its basin is 10,100 km². The Shuya flows out of Lake Suoyarvi and flows through Lake Logmozero into Lake Onega. It freezes up in November - January and stays icebound until April - first half of May.

Coordinates: 61°52′43″N 34°17′47″E / 61.8785°N 34.2965°E / 61.8785; 34.2965