Si Buta Lawan Jaka Sembung

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Si Buta Lawan Jaka Sembung
Si buta lawan jaka sembung poster.jpg
Indonesian Film Poster
Directed by Dasri Yacob
Produced by Sabirin Kasdani
Starring Barry Prima, Advent Bangun
Distributed by Rapi Films
Release date
1983 (1983)
Country Indonesia
Language Bahasa Indonesia, Dutch, Mandarin (in tv series)

Si Buta Lawan Jaka Sembung (also titled The Warrior II and The Warrior Against Blind Swordsman for international distribution) is a 1983 Indonesian fantastique martial arts movie and a sequel to 1981 film Jaka Sembung.

Supporting character Si Buta is originally from a cartoon on his own right (Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu) and Bajing Ireng, a female freedom fighter versed in stealth, makes her first appearance in Jaka Sembung films. Main roles are played by action film star Barry Prima (Jaka Sembung), karateka Advent Bangun (Soca Indrakusuma alias Si Buta dari Gunung Iblis ("The Blind Man from Iblis Mountain")), Sri Gudhi Sintara (Dewi Magi), and Zurmaini (Roijah alias Bajing Ireng).


Dutch colonial army in West Java holds a martial arts tournament to select the best warrior to confront local warrior-freedom fighter Parmin (nicknamed Jaka Sembung). The winner is an obscure blind swordsman and the Dutch commander De Mandes (Gino Makasutji) commissions him. However, the swordsman is sympathetic with Jaka Sembung's cause and things get more complicated when magician seductress Dewi Magi as well as her guru (W. D. Mochtar) intervene on behalf of the Dutch.

In 2016[edit]

Sova Indonesia was have an tv series about 300 episodes long. it was titled in chinese mandarin:盲斗賈卡仄蜂 (New warrior and blind swordsman) starring; Lidya Lau (劉莉莉) as xiang feng (仄蜂 or 向蜂.) Enno Lerian as wang e'kong (望額恐) Maissy Pramaisshela as jin ke xiu (緊顆繡) ira johan as jianghu ah xin (江湖:阿鑫) and others. this tv series was soon only 2017.

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