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The Siptan (Korean: 십단전, Hanja: 十段戰) is a Go competition.


The Siptan is sponsored by Wonik Corporation and the Hanguk Kiwon. The format is hayago (blitz) with 10 minutes total and 40 seconds for byo-yomi. The final is decided in a best-of-3 match. The winner's purse is 25,000,000 Won (~US$26,000). It is the Korean equivalent of the Japanese Judan title.[1]

Past winners and runners-up[edit]

Year Winner Score Runner-up
2005 Lee Chang-ho 2–1 Pak Yeong-hun
2006 An Choyoung 2–1 Paek Hongsuk
2007 Lee Chang-ho 2–0 Mok Jin-seok
2008 Park Junghwan 2–0 Paek Hongsuk
2009 Park Junghwan 2–1 Lee Chang-ho
2010 Lee Sedol 2–1 Kang Yootaek

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