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The Sid W. Richardson Foundation is a philanthropic organization, founded in 1947 by Sid W. Richardson (1891 - 1959), a Texan who earned his fortune in the oil industry.[1] The foundation was primarily funded after his death.

Today, the foundation focuses on public-private partnerships in the area of education, health, human services, and arts groups, to which it has donated about $300 million.[2][3] The charter of the foundation stipulated that recipients be in the state of Texas.[1]

The foundation was led from 1973 to 2011 by Valleau Wilkie Jr,[2] and its current president is Pete Geren.[4]

The foundation is housed in the same building as the Sid Richardson Museum which features Remington and Russell paintings collected by Sid W. Richardson.


  • UTeach Dallas received a $200,000 gift from the Foundation in 2008.[5]
  • The Foundation donated $250,000 toward a new building for the Aransas County (Texas) EMS.[6]


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