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The Sidek badminton family is a Malaysian family with a significant history within professional badminton. The patriarch of the family was an avid badminton fan, Sidek Abdullah Kamar (1936–2005).[1] He started to train his sons at early ages at their house in Banting.

As soon his sons were spotted by Khoo Teng Yuen, a BAM coach, he transferred them to a Victoria Institution in Kuala Lumpur, where he was based.[2] The training ultimately culminated in regaining the Thomas Cup in 1992 after a lapse of 25 years.[3]

The five Sidek brothers, all world class players, began their run of success in the early 1980s. They won titles and medals in major tournaments, including All-England, World Cup, Olympic Games, and many big open tournaments.[4] In 1985, the Sidek family made history when they became the largest sibling group ever to represent the country abroad in the same sporting event. Misbun, Razif, Jalani, Rahman, and Rashid were all selected to compete at the Hong Kong Open.[5] They are also known as the founder of the infamous “S” serve, which caused a deceptively erratic shuttle movement, which confounded their opponents and officials alike. The serve caused much uproar and was eventually banned by the International Badminton Federation (IBF).[6]

As of 2014, the only Sidek actively play in international scene is Sidek's grandson Misbun Ramdan Misbun.[7]


Major Achievements[edit]

MISBUN World Cup runner-up (1982), All-England runner-up (1986) & Thomas Cup runner-up (1988).

RAZIF-JALANI All-England champion (1982), World Grand Prix Finals gold medalist (1986, 1988, 1989, 1991), World Championships silver medalist (1987), World Cup gold medalist (1990, 1991), Thomas Cup champions (1992), Olympic Games bronze medalist (1992) & Asian Championships gold medalist (1992).

RAHMAN World Grand Prix Finals bronze medalist (1990), Thomas Cup champions (1992) & Asian Championships bronze medalist (1992).

RASHID Asian Championships gold medalist (1991, 1992)Thomas Cup champions (1992), World Grand Prix Finals gold medalist (1992), Olympic Games bronze medalist (1996) & All-England runner-up (1996).

In popular culture[edit]

Sidek and his sons' life story was published in a biographical comic book, entitled Anak-Anak Sidek (The Sidek Brothers), which was published by Malaysian film producer, Raja Azmi through her company, Pengedaran JAS Sdn Bhd. The comic was later adapted into an animated series of the same title which aired on RTM. All of his sons, except Razif, became the board of directors and executive producers for both comic and the animated series.


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