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Siege is a book collecting the articles of American neo-Nazi James Mason, former leader of the National Socialist Liberation Front and Universal Order. It collects the text of Mason's SIEGE newsletter (1980–1986) and other propaganda, arranging it according to topic. It places an emphasis on gaining power through armed struggle rather than political means.

It was first published by Storm Books in 1992, edited and introduced by Michael Moynihan. It was republished, with a new preface by Mason and an introduction by Ryan Schuster, in 2003 (Black Sun Publications, ISBN 0-9724408-0-1).


The book has been praised and promoted by Tom Metzger ([1], [2]).



  • Introduction
  1. The NSLF and the Move Toward Armed Struggle
  2. National Socialism
  3. Conservatism and the Lost Movement
  4. The System
  5. Lone Wolves and Live Wires
  6. Strength and Spirit
  7. Leaders
  8. Universal Order
  • General Appendix
  • Appendix I:NSLF
  • Appendix II:National Socialism
  • Appendix III:Leaders
  • Appendix IV:Universal Order

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