Siege of Bactra

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Siege of Bactra
Map showing Balkh (here indicated as Bactres), the capital of Bactria
Date 208–206 BC
Location Bactra (Modern day Balkh, Afghanistan)
Result Greco-Bactrian victory
Seleucid Empire Greco-Bactrian Kingdom
Commanders and leaders
Antiochus III the Great Euthydemus I

The Siege of Bactra lasted from 208 to 206 BC. After defeating the Bactrians at the Battle of the Arius the Seleucids besieged the capital of Bactria until news from the west of his dominions and lack of progress against the city led Antiochus to negotiate peace with Euthydemus and lift the siege. In the peace that was agreed Antiochus recognized Euthydemus as an ally, and he gave one of his daughters as a wife to the Bactrian king.

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