Siege of Breda

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Siege of Breda or Capture of Breda may refer to:

  1. Siege of Breda (1577) by States-General troops
  2. Capture of Breda (1581) by Claudius of Berlaymont, Lord of Castle Haultepenne (no real siege, but an urban fight, also known as the "The Haultepenne Fury")
  3. Capture of Breda (1590) by Maurice of Orange (no real siege, but an urban fight)
  4. Siege of Breda (1624) by Ambrogio Spinola
  5. Siege of Breda (1637) by Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange
  6. Siege of Breda (1813) by François Roguet and Charles Lefebvre-Desnouettes