Siege of the Bastille (Cholat)

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La Prise de la Bastille: 14 juillet 1789
English: The Taking of the Bastille: 14 July 1789
Siege of the Bastille (Claude Cholat).jpg
Artist Claude Cholat
Year 1789
Type Gouache
Owner Carnavalet Museum

La Prise de la Bastille is a gouache painting by Claude Cholat, now in the Carnavalet Museum in Paris, France.


Claude Cholat was a wine merchant living in Paris on the rue Noyer at the start of the French Revolution in 1789.[1] On the morning of 14 July a large Revolutionary crowd gathered outside the royal prison called the Bastille and in the afternoon fighting broke out between the crowd and the royal garrison.[2] Cholat fought on the side of the Revolutionaries, manning one of their cannon during the battle. Afterwards, Cholat produced a famous amateur gouache painting showing the events of the day; produced in primitive, naive style, it combines all the events of the day into a single graphical representation.[3]


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