Siegfried et le Limousin

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Siegfried et le Limousin is a novel by Jean Giraudoux published in 1922 . This novel is famous for having brought success to its author. Giraudoux uses the play as a vehicle to examine the historical enmity between France and Germany.[1] Giraudoux went on to adapt the story as the equally successful play Siegfried in 1928.


The novel begins in January 1922, when the narrator learns that a famous German jurist, Siegfried von Kleist, is actually one of his friends, a French soldier and writer, Jacques Forestier. A wound suffered in the First World War caused Forestier to become an amnesiac, who then continued his life in Germany under a completely different name, unaware of his former identity. The narrator goes to Munich, where he hopes to identify Forestier with the help of Baron von Zelten. In the course of being reunited with his former lover, Genevieve, he recovers his memory. In the end, Siegfried returns to Limousin, his former home in France, to resume his old life. [2]