Sierra de Mijas

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Sierra de Mijas
Sierra de Mijas.jpg
The Sierra de Mijas seen from Fuengirola harbour
Highest point
Elevation1,150 m (3,770 ft)
Coordinates36°37′32″N 04°39′24″W / 36.62556°N 4.65667°W / 36.62556; -4.65667Coordinates: 36°37′32″N 04°39′24″W / 36.62556°N 4.65667°W / 36.62556; -4.65667
Sierra de Mijas is located in Spain
Sierra de Mijas
Sierra de Mijas
Parent rangePenibaetic System
Mountain typemarble and limestone
First ascentUnknown

The Sierra de Mijas is a mountain range in southern Spain, part of the coastal mountain range that lies behind the Costa del Sol Occidental, in Andalusia. It separates the Valle del Guadalhorce region from the Costa del Sol.

The highest point is the Pico Mijas at 1,150 metres. Geologically it is located in the inner part of the Cordillera Bética. It is traditionally divided into two sectors (Complejo alpujárride and Complejo maláguide), and is mostly composed of marble and, to a lesser extent, limestone.

View west from Pico Mijas


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