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Sigma Derby Instructions
2013 Sigma Derby Tournament
VSR Industries' prototype of a Sigma Derby-like game on floor of G2E Conference in Las Vegas, NV 2015-9-29

Sigma Derby is an electro-mechanical horse race used for gambling manufactured by Japanese manufacturer Sigma Game Inc. and introduced in 1985.[1] Up to ten players can buy in with quarters and place bets on the five horses; a quinella of two horses in any order pays out according to the odds. The house has roughly a 10-20% advantage, depending on the machine.[2]

After the closing of the New Frontier Hotel and Casino, there are only two remaining Sigma Derby machines in Las Vegas. One on the Strip can be found at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. The other is at The D Las Vegas in Downtown Las Vegas.[3] As of 1/29/2018 both are still running. As of 08/21/18 the one at the MGM Grand is still working but only six of the 10 betting stations are in operation.

On Nov. 12, 2018, MGM Grand confirmed its Sigma Derby has been taken off the casino floor and will not be back.

Atlantic City is home of one Sigma Derby type machine in the Tropicana hotel and casino, known as Royal Derby.

Two new versions of a racing game similar to Sigma Derby made their debut at the G2E Conference in Las Vegas, NV in 2015. One was a prototype game called "Classic Derby," made by manufacturing company VSR Industries.[4][5] Another was a game called Royal Derby, made by Slovenian gaming company Alfastreet.[6]