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The Sigma SA-mount is a lens mount designed by the Sigma Corporation of Japan for use on their single-lens reflex cameras. The SA mount uses a bayonet mount which is physically similar to the Pentax K-mount[1] but uses a flange focal distance of 44 mm, identical to that of the Canon EF-lens mount.
The mount uses electrical communication between body and lens, like the EF-mount, and in fact uses the same signalling lines and protocol as the EF-mount, despite the physical incompatibility. Sigma has long produced EF-mount lenses for Canon cameras, and thus had the ability to use this protocol.
All Sigma SLRs and DSLRs can use manual focus lenses too, which have no electrical communication between body and lens.


Nikon F-mount and M42-mount lenses can be fitted and used via easily available lens mount adapters [which cannot be found anywhere on the internet]. Pentax K-mount (PK) lenses can be fitted straight onto the SA-mount, after the protruding AA lever and AA protector outcrop are removed, though the fit is slightly loose as the SA-mount has a slightly bigger bore than the PK-mount.

Adaptation of lenses for other bayonet mounts on Sigma cameras[edit]

Some Sigma DSLR users have become adept at converting high quality manual focus lenses to fit the SA-mount. One such user[who?] in the UK has successfully converted Nikon, Contax Carl Zeiss, Minolta MD, Canon FL and FD lenses to fit the SA-mount. Others[who?] have even produced replacement mounting plates for Sigma DSLRs, which convert them to either Nikon or Leica R-mount, or replaced the mount entirely with an EF-mount.[citation needed]

Camera Bodies[edit]

Body Release Date Sensor
Film (36 x 24 mm)
SA-300 1993 n/a
SA-300N 1994 n/a
SA-5 1997 n/a
SA-7 2001 n/a
SA-9 2001 n/a
SA-7N 2002 n/a
Digital (20.7 x 13.8 mm)
SD9 Oct. 2002 Foveon X3, 2268 x 1512 pixels
SD10 Dec. 2003 Foveon X3 2268 x 1512 pixels
SD14 Mar. 2007 Foveon X3, 2640 x 1760 pixels
SD15 Jun. 2010 Foveon X3, 2640 x 1760 pixels
Digital (24 x 16 mm)
SD1 Feb. 2012 Foveon X3, 4800 x 3200 pixels


All SLR lenses manufactured by Sigma since 1993 are available for the SA-mount. A partial listing can be found here.


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