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Sigma Theta Psi Inc.
Sigma Theta Psi Sorority, Inc Crest.png

November 13, 1991; 25 years ago (1991-11-13)
San Jose State University, (San Jose, California)

39°57′39″N 82°59′09″W / 39.96083°N 82.98583°W / 39.96083; -82.98583Coordinates: 39°57′39″N 82°59′09″W / 39.96083°N 82.98583°W / 39.96083; -82.98583
Type Multicultural
Motto "Only the Strong Survive"
Colors Purple, Black and Gold
Flower Orchid
Mascot Black Panther
Philanthropy Breast cancer awareness
Chapters 12

Sigma Theta Psi (ΣΘΨ) is a multicultural, academic, and social sorority. The sorority was founded at San Jose State University (SJSU) in 1991. Sigma Theta Psi is known for their significant contribution to breast cancer awareness throughout sisters' local campuses and communities and even nationwide.


The Founding Mothers of Sigma Theta Psi created the sorority on November 13, 1991 at San Jose State University. Over time, the sorority expanded and now has 12 chapters.


Sigma Theta Psi currently has 12 chapters at universities and colleges in California and Nevada.[1]

Sorority information[edit]

Sigma Theta Psi's colors are purple, black, and gold. Its mascot is a black panther and its flower is an orchid. Each year, chapters organize multicultural, social, and academic events ranging from step shows to guest speakers to professional development events.

Since Sigma Theta Psi is also an academic sorority, members are required to maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA). Thus, each member's primary focus should be on her academic studies.

The sorority's national philanthropy is breast cancer awareness. Their current beneficiary is the American Cancer Society. Sigma Theta Psi's annual event to raise money for this organization and local organizations is their Double D Brunch. This event is a national luncheon hosted in both California and Nevada.


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