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Siissisoq is a Greenlandic hard rock jazz metal band, formed in 1994 in Uummannaq. They have released their first album, Aammarpassuillu Ulo 141, in 1998, and it stayed number one on Greenlandic charts for two months. Siissisoq means Rhino in Greenlandic. The lyrics are sung in Greenlandic and songs are mainly named after African animals. In 2001, the band released a live album called Aammarlussuillu Live Ulo 156. Super Day Siissisoq Music 001 released in 2002 and it was not successful as the first album, because of the disaster mix and bad produced. They have agreed that they will stop playing together for a while because they feel that everything goes down. Jens Samuelsen and Karl Enok traveled together to Svendborg and take-education in technical school. And make about 300 demos for their next album in 2015. Knud Mathiassen also traveled to Svendborg in 2003, began to play together with other members of Siissisoq. They came back to Karl Enok continues to write more songs until they had the opportunity to perform again on stage to make a comeback in 2010 Nuuk Festival and Nipiaa Rock Festival in Aasiaat, it was hugely successful. When we turn the clock back to the beginning everything starts in 1991 in the hometown of Uummannaq, it was Thomas Lange has learned all from the band to play music. Some of them are still playing in Siissisoq and Taaq. Karl Enok Mathiassen was tired of Thomas's dominant behavior, and every time they play in village halls Thomas takes all the money from the concert. Karl Enok Mathiassen started making guitar riffs where he is inspired by Metallica and White Zombie, and Thomas will not use his idea in Taaq it was the beginning of the end. Karl Enok Mathiassen often think to start his own band, and he asked Jens Thorin if he wants to be in Siissisoq and they began writing together in 1994 summer. They have heard Jens Samuelsen sings Queen wants him in the band, Karl Enok Mathiassen has just written Nersussuaq, Puuluki, Imarmiutarsuaq, Pulateriaarsuk, Zebra, Qeerlatooq as 15 years old. And it succeeds Jens Samuelsen singing Siissisoq's new songs, and it was hugely successful in their first debut album Aammarpassuillu Ulo 141. Karl Enok Mathiassen will stop in 2002 because of fraud and manipulation in ULO record company where they get only about 3-4% of their income from the Album. ULO has earned money around at least 700,000.00 Danish Krone out of 850,000.00 Danish Krone. Siissisoq has only sold 8,500 CDs in ULO record label where Siissisoq not have money. ULO (Cd cover maker) will not write 2 songwriter with Kakilisak where Peter Fleischer has written more words texts more than Karl Enok Mathiassen and Rasmus Petersen has made Guitar riffs in Imarmiutarsuaq and both have asked why they were not included on the CD. Karl Enok Mathiassen replied that he could not do anything because manipulations because ULO want a song write and produce a frontman better than Taaq. ULO continues to say that was not profit enough to give Siissisoq money. Today Karl Enok Mathiassen has its own Studio Record label and radio station company.


Former members[edit]


  • Aammarpassuillu (Album, 1998)
  • Aammarpassuillu (Live album, 2001)
  • Super Day (Album, 2002)