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Silicon Dreams Studio Limited
Formerly called
Silicon Dreams (1994–1996)
Industry Video game industry
Fate Liquidation
Successor Gusto Games
Founded March 1994; 24 years ago (1994-03)
Founder Geoff Brown
Defunct 3 September 2003 (2003-09-03)
Headquarters Adderbury, England
Key people
Gavin Cheshire (managing director)
Number of employees
55 (2003)

Silicon Dreams Studio Limited was a British video game developer based in Adderbury, England, founded by Geoff Brown in March 1994 as the in-house development team for video game publisher U.S. Gold, also founded by Brown, and became part of the CentreGold umbrella. In April 1996, the entirety of CentreGold (including Silicon Dreams) was acquired by Eidos Interactive for GB£17.6 million.[1][2] However, in December 1996, Brown re-acquired a 75% share in the Silicon Dreams label for at least GB£500,000, and merged it into a new, legally incorporated entity, Silicon Dreams Studio, which became a subsidiary of Geoff Brown Holdings (later renamed Kaboom Studios).[3] In August 2003, Kaboom Studios, facing financial difficulties, closed down sister studio, Attention to Detail, which led media to expect similar to happen to Silicon Dreams Studio.[4] Silicon Dreams Studio entered liquidation on 3 September 2003,[5] laying off all of its 55 employees and cancelling the in-development Urban Freestyle Soccer.[6] A successor to the company, Gusto Games, made up from eleven former Silicon Dreams Studio staff, was announced in October 2003.[7] Gusto Games went on to finish work on Urban Freestyle Soccer, which was released in December 2003.[8]

Games developed[edit]

Year Title Platform(s)
1996 Olympic Soccer: Atlanta 1996 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, MS-DOS, PlayStation, Sega Saturn
Olympic Games: Atlanta 1996 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, MS-DOS, PlayStation, Nintendo Entertainment System
1997 Soccer '97 PlayStation
1998 Chill
World League Soccer '98 Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Sega Saturn
Michael Owen's World League Soccer '99 Microsoft Windows, PlayStation
1999 UEFA Champions League Season 1998/99
Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 Dreamcast
2000 UEFA Champions League Season 1999/2000 PlayStation
Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000: Euro Edition Dreamcast
Dogs of War Microsoft Windows
Michael Owen's WLS 2000 Nintendo 64
UEFA Dream Soccer Dreamcast
UEFA Champions League Season 2000/2001 PlayStation
2001 Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge Game Boy Advance, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation
2002 UEFA Champions League Season 2001/2002 Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2
Football Mania
Island Xtreme Stunts Game Boy Advance, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2


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