Silk Stocking Sal

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Silk Stocking Sal
Directed by Tod Browning
Written by Richard Schayer
Starring Evelyn Brent
Robert Ellis
Cinematography Silvano Balboni
Distributed by Film Booking Offices of America (aka FBO)
Release date
  • November 30, 1924 (1924-11-30)
Country United States
Language Silent

Silk Stocking Sal is a 1924 drama film directed by Tod Browning. As with most FBO films of the mid-1920s starring Evelyn Brent, Silk Stocking Sal is a lost film.[1][2][3]


  • Evelyn Brent - 'Stormy' Martin
  • Robert Ellis - Bob Cooper
  • Earl Metcalfe - Bull Reagan
  • Alice Browning - Bargain Basement Annie
  • Virginia Madison - Mrs. Cooper
  • Marylynn Warner - Miss Cooper
  • John Gough - The 'Gopher'
  • Louis Fitzroy - Abner Bingham
  • Alice Wilson - Bargain Basement Annie


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