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António Luiz Patrício da Silva Manso (1788–1848) was a Brazilian botanist, physician, and politician.[1]

Silva Manso was born in Campinas, Brazil.[2] Silva Manso was an expert on spermatophytes[3] and the first person to classify the genus Cayaponia and the species Cayaponia espelina. He named the genus Cayaponia after the indigenous Cayapo people of Brazil.[4] A genus of climbing shrubs, Mansoa, is named after him.[5] He began work as a painter, as his father was a painter. He began studying botany in 1819 and became a licensed physician in 1820. He was also a member of the Brazilian General Assembly from 1834–1837.

He became involved in the Brazilian struggle for independence, which led to his murder in January 1848.[6]


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