Silver Lake (Rochester, Minnesota)

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Silver Lake
The RPU power plant next to Silver Lake
Location Rochester, Minnesota,
United States
Coordinates 44°02′00″N 92°27′26″W / 44.0333°N 92.4571°W / 44.0333; -92.4571Coordinates: 44°02′00″N 92°27′26″W / 44.0333°N 92.4571°W / 44.0333; -92.4571
Basin countries United States
Surface area 50 acres (20 ha)
Max. depth 11 ft (3.4 m)
Settlements Rochester MN

Silver Lake is a small, freshwater reservoir in Southeastern Minnesota. The lake lies on the South Fork Zumbro River, located approximately one mile north of downtown Rochester.

The electrical power plant operated by Rochester Public Utilities uses the lake for cooling. Since the lake operates as a heat sink, it doesn't freeze in the winter. The warm water attracts a large number of Canada geese that remain in the area year round. However, RPU has recently voted to shut down the power plant by the end of 2015.

Public park surrounds most of the lake. In the summer, paddleboat and canoe rental is available.

Silver Lake is the home to the Rochester Rowing Club, who practice there daily.


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