Sim-Feng Shui

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Sim-Feng Shui
Cover of VERSION 4.0 Reprint

Author Hiroshi Aramata
Language Japanese
Genre Fantasy
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Published 1993--2001
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback)

Sim-Feng Shui (シム・フースイ, Shimu-Fūsui) is a supernatural fiction literary series about the exploits of a group of feng shui experts and their conflicts with various spiritual disturbances across Japan. Volume 4.0 of the series has been adapted into a live action film and a video game for the PlayStation. The series is a spin off of Hiroshi Aramata's Teito Monogatari series.


  • Tatsuto Kuroda: the grandson of Shigemaru Kuroda, a feng shui practitioner.
  • Mizuchi Ariyoshi: a female psychic who helps Kuroda.
  • Otsu: Mizuchi's animal companion, a black cat.

Volumes in the Main Series[edit]

  • Version 1.0: ワタシnoイエ
  • Version 2.0: 二色人(ニイルピト)の夜
  • Version 3.0: 新宿チャンスン
  • Version 4.0: 闇吹く夏
  • Version 5.0: 絶の島事件

Tokyo Dragon[edit]

Tokyo Dragon
Cover of the VHS Edition
Directed by Keiji Kataoka
Produced by Misako Sata
Hisashi Iino
Written by Keiko Nobumoto
Based on the novel by:
Hiroshi Aramata
Starring Kippei Shina
Misa Shimizu
Emiri Nakayama
Mickey Curtis
Music by Toshiyuki Honda
Release date
  • 1997 (1997)
Country Japan
Language Japanese

In 1997, Version 4.0 of the series was adapted into a made for TV film entitled Tokyo Dragon (東京龍) produced and released by Ace Pictures.

Video Game[edit]

Volume 4.0 (闇吹く夏) of the series was also adapted into an Action-adventure game for the PlayStation released in 1999.

Front and back cover art of the PS1 game case


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