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Simplex may refer to:


  • Simplex, a term in geometry meaning an n-dimensional analogue of a triangle
  • Pascal's simplex, a version of Pascal's triangle of more than three dimensions
  • Simplex algorithm, a popular algorithm for numerical solution of linear programming problems
  • Simplex graph, derived from the cliques of another graph
  • Simplex noise, a method for constructing an n-dimensional noise function
  • Simplex plot, a ternary plot used in game theory

Companies and trade names[edit]

  • American Simplex, an American automobile made in Mishawaka, Indiana, US
  • Crane-Simplex, a defunct luxury car manufacturer in New York, US at the start of the 20th century
  • Simplex (bicycle), a French bicycle derailleur brand
  • Simplex Manufacturing Corporation, an American manufacturer of motorcycles in Louisiana from 1935 to 1975
  • Simplex, a trade name used by British railway locomotive manufacturers, The Motor Rail & Tramcar Co Ltd
  • Simplex, the trade name of the swinging-tray record changer used in Wurlitzer jukeboxes, produced from the 1930s to the 1950s.
  • Simplex Time Recorder Company, the former name of a brand of fire protection products, now known as SimplexGrinnell
  • Sheffield-Simplex, a British vehicle manufacturer operating 1907–1920
  • Simplex, A manufacturer of jacks used in railroads and mining industries. Now owned by Actuant Corporation.


Other uses[edit]