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Genres Heavy metal
Years active 1997–2003
Associated acts Stryper, King James
Past members

Sin Dizzy was a Christian metal band co-founded by former Stryper members Oz Fox and Tim Gaines. The band was founded in the mid-1990s after Stryper had disbanded.[1] Its members included young drummer and lead guitarist . Bass player Gaines described their sound as "a cross between [the] Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana".[1]

Sin Dizzy released their debut self-produced album, He's Not Dead, in 1998. The album sold well among the Christian metal fans, especially Stryper fans. However, it did not gather any mainstream success. The band played in several festivals in the United States. Notorious among these was a Summer Rock Festival in Puerto Rico, where former frontman of Stryper, Michael Sweet, joined Sin Dizzy on stage in front of 11,000 and performed several Stryper hit songs.

Bassist Tim Gaines left the band in 2000 to continue working with his wife's musical career. Kevin Walt immediately replaced Tim as Sin Dizzy’s next bass player. Plans for the recording of a future album were put on hold following the reunion of Stryper in 2003. It is currently unknown if Sin Dizzy will continue in the future or if it has ceased to exist.

On November 28, 2008, Sin Dizzy re-released He's Not Dead (All Night Long) on Girder Records with all new artwork, liner notes and more, although the release was never authorized by Tim Gaines, who holds the rights to the Sin Dizzy Name.

Guitarist Bobby MacNeil died in early 2013.[citation needed]

Former members[edit]



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