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SindoPower GmbH
Founded 2009
Defunct 2015
Headquarters Nuremberg, Germany
Products Semiconductor

SindoPower is the first business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce business owned by a manufacturer of power semiconductor components.[1] Other manufacturers rely on representatives or independent distributors.

SindoPower's parent company, The German-based holding company Semikron, employs 3,600 people worldwide. SEMIKRON comprises a global network of 35 companies with 10 production sites. Power electronics are produced in Germany, France, Italy, Slovakia, South Africa, Brazil, USA, China, India and South Korea. The company[2] has a 37% share of the worldwide market for diode/thyristor modules.

SindoPower was integrated into the Semikron Group in 2015.[3]


SindoPower’s product range consists of approximately 2,000 of overall 11,600 different power semiconductors from 1 kW to 10 MW, including chips, discrete diodes/thyristors, fuses, sensors, varistors, connectors, and power modules (IGBT, MOSFET, diode, thyristor) as an official distributor of Epcos, LEM, Mersen, SEMIKRON and Weidmüller.


In a market dominated by traditional sales channels, SindoPower's eCommerce model has features atypical for power semiconductor B2B's:

  • public transparency in pricing
  • Web 2.0 community approach for power electronics experts
  • real-time customer service
  • stock visibility and automatic substitute proposal for out of stock components[citation needed]

Customer care[edit]

In May 2012 Epcos, LEM (de), Mersen, Proton-Electrotex, Semikron, SindoPower and Weidmüller (de) started the joined platform PowerGuru to centralize power electronics know-how at one place.


Customers all over the world except from mainland China are handled by SindoPower GmbH. Customers from mainland China are handled by Zhuhai SindoPower Electronics Company Ltd.



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