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Founded California, July 2014
Founders Elle France, Jana Bayad

SingldOut is an online dating platform that uses genetic testing to identify potential relationship matches.[1] The company markets its intention to bridge the gap between digital networking and biological compatibility.[2][3][4] The service uses the professional networking site LinkedIn as well as DNA testing company Instant Chemistry in order to match its members.[1][5] Jana Bayad launched the site in July 2014.[1][6][7][8]


Upon registering with SingldOut, members would be sent a DNA test kit.[1][9] To assess the biological compatibility of its members, SingldOut would examines immune system genes, which play a role in attraction, as well as serotonin transporter genes, which play a role in determining how someone might react in certain situations.[1][2] Results from the DNA test would then be posted on the user’s profile and can be compared with the results of other users.[10][11]

The company credits genetic testing with the ability to “identify up to 40 percent of the chemistry of attraction between two people.”[12]


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