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Not to be confused with sonogram (disambiguation).

Sinogram may refer to:

  • based on sinology:
    • also: sinograph: a Chinese character (Hanzi), especially when used in a different language, such as Japanese (Kanji), Korean (Hanja) or Vietnamese (Hantu)
    • a tetragram - a complex character of a writing system which follows the graphic conventions of Chinese characters, by being written into a square, e.g. Korean Hangul, Japanese Kana, a character of Tangut script, of Passepa script, or of any other living or dead writing system of the Sinosphere
  • based on sine:
    • a visual representation of the raw data obtained in a computed axial tomography (CAT) scan. The term was introduced by Paul Edholm and Bertil Jacobson in 1975[1] and stems from the fact that rays through a fixed point in the object correspond to a sinusoidal curve in this representation.


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