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Sir Bennet Hoskyns, 1st Baronet (1609–1680) was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons variously between 1640 and 1659.

Hoskyns was the son of Mr Serjeant Hoskyns of Hereford and his wife Benedicta Moyle, daughter of Robert Moyle of Buckwell, Kent. His father was a poet, lawyer and politician[1] on whose death in 1638 Bennet inherited an estate at Moorhampton, near Hereford.

In April 1640, he was elected Member of Parliament for Wendover to the Short Parliament. He was then elected MP for Hereford in the Long Parliament of 1645, but was excluded in Pride's Purge. He was however re-elected for Hereford to the First Protectorate Parliament of 1654, and for Herefordshire to the Second Protectorate Parliament of 1656 and Third Protectorate Parliament of 1659.[2]

At the end of the Civil War Hoskyns acquired (c. 1660) Harewood Park in Herefordshire from the Brown family.[3] and was created a baronet on 18 December 1676.

He died in 1680 at the age of 71. He had married Anne Bingley, daughter of Sir John Bingley of Temple-Combe Somerset. Their son John succeeded to the baronetcy and Harewood Park.[1]


Parliament of England
Preceded by
Parliament suspended since 1629
Member of Parliament for Wendover
With: Robert Croke
Succeeded by
Robert Croke
Thomas Fountaine
Preceded by
James Scudamore
Richard Seaborne
With: Edmund Weaver
Succeeded by
Edmund Weaver
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Wroth Rogers
Preceded by
John Scudamore
John Pateshal
John Flacket
Richard Read
Member of Parliament for Herefordshire
With: James Berry 1656
Edward Harley 1656
Benjamin Mason 1656
Wroth Rogers 1659
Succeeded by
Edward Harley
William Powell