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For other people named John Burroughs, see John Burroughs (disambiguation).
Portrait of Sir John Burroughs in 1622 by Jan Antonisz. van Ravesteyn

Sir John Burroughs or "Borough" was a 17th-century English soldier and military commander in the Protestant army commanded by Horace Vere[1] in the Electorate of the Palatinate, during the Eighty Years' War and the Thirty Years' War.

Sir John was a brother of Thomas, the Third Lord Borough of Gainsborough (1481–1549). He commanded a company in the Netherlands in 1585-6 and was appointed Governor of Doesburg after its capture.[2]

Sir John was respected as "one of the most distinguished and scholarly soldiers of his time ... He had seen more service than any man in the army, and in all questions of military science his word was law."[3]


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