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At least three Canadian letter of marquee brigs bore the name Sir John Sherbrooke or Sherbrooke during the War of 1812, all named after Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, governor of Nova Scotia.

  • Sir John Sherbrooke (Halifax) was the most famous privateer by this name. A brig of 278 tons burthen, she was commissioned in 1813. An American privateer captured and burned her in 1814.
  • Sir John Sherbrooke (Saint John) was a brig of 187 tons burthen, ten guns and thirty men. She was commissioned 27 November 1812. The American privateer Saucy Jack captured her on 30 October 1813.
  • Sherbrooke (Barbados) was a brig of 205 tons, eleven guns, commissioned 27 August 1814 and confiscated in April 1815.

The following vessel may or may not be related to either of the last two above vessels.

  • Sir John Sherbroke, Cowan, master, was sailing from Jamaica to New York when she struck a reef at the Dry Tortugas on 19 October 1816 and bilged. The crew was saved, and proceeded to make off with the $60,000 in specie that she was carrying.[1]

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