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Lines of baronets bearing the surname Stirling have existed since the 17th century in several distinct localities of Scotland. The earlier baronetages were created within the Baronetage of Nova Scotia (shown here as NS) and those after 1707 within that of Great Britain (GB).

Stirling baronets, of Ardoch (2 May 1651) NS[edit]

Extinct on his death

Stirling baronets, of Glorat, Stirlingshire (30 April 1666) NS[edit]

Dormant on his death - possible claimants in the United States. The probable succession is
  • Robert Wilson Stirling, possible 10th Baronet (1890 - 1970), a descendant of the 5th baronet
  • John Charles Stirling, possible 11th Baronet (1922 - 1982)
  • John Charles Stirling, possible 12th Baronet (b 1948)
Heir apparent is Jeffrey Dundas Stirling (b 1969)

Stirling baronets, of Mansfield, Ayrshire (19 July 1792) GB[edit]

Extinct on his death

Stirling baronets, of Faskine, Lanarkshire (15 December 1800) GB[edit]

Extinct on his death

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