Siri Pettersen

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Siri Pettersen
Siri Pettersen (2019)
Siri Pettersen (2019)
Born (1971-10-28) 28 October 1971 (age 51)
Finnsnes, Norway
Notable worksAnty-Klimaks, The Raven Rings

Siri Pettersen (born 28 October 1971 in Finnsnes) is a Norwegian writer and comics creator.[1]


She grew up in Sørreisa and Trondheim, and is currently living in Søgne. She has been active in the comics industry since the early 21st century. She is a member of Trondheimstegnerne, Comic Artists Association in Trondheim. In 2013-2015 she published a fantasy trilogy Ravneringene (The Raven Rings).[1]


Siri Petersen is best known for her Anti-Klimaks series. She is also the author of Kråkene[2] and Myrktid.[citation needed]

Anti-Klimaks is full of humour and strong political undertones. It is about a group of youngsters who are generally against everyone and everything. They defy modern society and look forward to change. However, most of the time they quarrel among themselves, so it is hard for them to do anything about the reality they live in. As the author has put it: This is a series for those who want a different world. Anti-Klimaks was the winner of Bladkompaniets Publishing House Competition in 2002, and as a result, it appeared in the magazine Larsons Gale Verden in No 5/2003-2/2004. In 2004, the album entitled Heller mot enn for! (Rather against than for!) was published by Seriehuset Publishing House.[3]

In 2004 Siri Petersen won the Sproing Award for the best debut.[4]

Kråkene is a silent comic.[2]

Myrktid is a fantasy comic.[citation needed]


Siri Petersen is the author of a fantasy trilogy The Raven Rings (Ravneringene), which consists of the following books:[1]

  • Odin’s Child (Odinsbarn), 2013;
  • The Rot (Råta), 2014;
  • The Might (Evna), 2015.

The trilogy has been translated into Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Estonian, Hebrew, English, Czech,[5] Polish,[6] and German.

The film rights have been bought by Maipo Films.[7]

The Raven Rings is a fantasy series with Norse roots. It was published by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag. It is the winner of multiple Scandinavian awards.[8]