Siri Waterfall

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Siri Waterfall, Gaua, Vanuatu

Siri Waterfall, formerly called Santa Maria Waterfall, is a 120 metre high waterfall located about 3 km inland from the eastern coast of the island of Gaua in northern Vanuatu.

The supply of water to the waterfall is from Lake Letas. This lake is a large freshwater lake located in the crater at the centre of the volcanic island, about 600 meters above sea level. Water flows from the lake 3 km east to the top of Siri Waterfall. After the waterfall, the water flows as a large stream, called Mbe Solomul River (formerly Namang), for another 3 km before it reaches the sea. The large stream is known as "Big Water".

Map of Gaua Island, showing Siri Waterfall

A rough estimate of the water flow rate (during the dry season month of August 2006) was approximately 5 cubic metres per second.

Coordinates: 14°16′06″S 167°34′13″E / 14.26838°S 167.57034°E / -14.26838; 167.57034