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The Sith are an organization and a race affiliated with the Dark Side in the Star Wars universe.

Sith may also refer to:


  • Sìth, Scottish Gaelic semi-deities, spirits and fairies
    • Daoine Sìth or Aos Sí, Scottish fairies
    • Baobhan sith, a spirit vampire, and the Leanan sídhe, a Manx counterpart
    • Bean sith, another term for banshees
    • Cat Sìth, a Scottish fairy cat
    • Cu Sìth, a spirit dog sometimes known as a mound dog who haunts the barrow mounds

Star Wars[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Shalom in the Home, a reality TV show by the TLC Network
  • SITh, static induction thyristor
  • Sith FM, a student radio station in Sri Lanka
  • A flying hornet-like monster in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom series of novels
  • Sith, used in Terry Goodkind's fantasy series The Sword of Truth as Mord-Sith, women who are raised from young girls and taught in the ways of pain and torture
  • Commander Sith, a fictional character in Ghost Trick

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