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Sivaganga Park is a recreational park in the city of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, India. It adjoins the Brihadeeswarar Temple, a popular tourist destination.


The Sivaganga Park was created as a people's park by the Tanjore municipality in 1871-72.[1] It is situated to the east of the 11th century Brihadeeswarar Temple and encompasses the Sivaganga Tank believed to have been built by the Medieval Chola king Raja Raja Chola.[1] In the initial days, the park was not maintained as the locality was overcrowded and ill-ventilated.[1] However, the park is fairly maintained now. As a part of the makeover operations in the lead up to the 1994 World Tamil Conference, motor boating facilities were introduced in the Sivaganga Tank.[2]


A toy train, motor boating facilities and a miniature zoological garden are located within the park.[3] The Thanjavur Municipal Library is also situated within the precincts of the park.[4]


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