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An SAI KZ IV ambulance plane.

Skandinavisk Aero Industri A/S (abbreviated SAI) was a Danish manufacturer of aeroplanes that existed between 1937 and 1954. The company was founded by technician Viggo Kramme (1905–1984) and engineer Karl Gustav Zeuthen (1909–1989) and based in Copenhagen.

The company's aeroplanes were labelled "KZ" for Kramme and Zeuthen, the first being the KZ I from 1937. The KZ IV was built as an ambulance plane for Zone-Redningskorpset and introduced in 1944. Post-war sales never reached the company's expectations, and production turned unprofitable in the early 1950s, driving the company to shut down. In total, about 200 planes were built by the company.

A number of the KZ planes have been preserved. As of 2005, Dansk Veteranflysamling (The Danish Collection of Vintage Aircraft) exhibits a specimen of each of the 11 aircraft models manufactured by the company.


Name Year Notes
KZ I 1937 Prototype only; seized by the Germans in World War II
KZ II 1937/38 Three subtypes ("Kupé", "Sport", "Trainer")
KZ G-I 1943 Glider
KZ III 1944 Ambulance plane
KZ IV 1944 Ambulance plane
KZ V[1] 1944 Twin engined short-haul airliner. Cancelled before a prototype could be built
KZ VII 1946 Light utility and trainer aircraft.
KZ VIII 1949 Aerobatic plane
KZ (IX) Ellehammer 1950 Replica of a 1909 Ellehammer plane
KZ X 1951 Artillery observation plane


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