Skeleton Coast National Park

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Skeleton Coast National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of Skeleton Coast National Park
Map showing the location of Skeleton Coast National Park
Map of Namibia
Location Northwest Namibia
Coordinates 19°11′S 12°43′E / 19.19°S 12.72°E / -19.19; 12.72Coordinates: 19°11′S 12°43′E / 19.19°S 12.72°E / -19.19; 12.72[1]
Area 16,845 km2 (6,504 sq mi)
Established 1971

Skeleton Coast National Park is a national park located in northwest Namibia, and has the most inaccessible shores, dotted with shipwrecks. The park was established in 1971 and has a size of 16,845 km2 (6,504 sq mi). The park is divided into a northern and southern section, the southern section is open to those with 4 wheel drive vehicles, they are allowed to go up (north) as far as the Ugab River Gate (where a sign with a skull and crossbones warns you to go no further).[2] The northern section can only be reached by a fly-in safari. The loose sand is a deathtrap to even the most powerful 4 wheel drives.[citation needed]


This park is to be included in the Iona - Skeleton Coast Transfrontier Conservation Area.

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