Skhodnya River

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Skhodnya River (Russian: Сходня, IPA: [ˈsxodʲnʲə]), also known as Sukhodnya, Vkhodnya, Vykhodnya and Vskhodnya is a river in the northwest of Moscow, the second largest tributary (after the Yauza River) of the Moskva River. The length of the Skhodnya is 47 km (5 km in Moscow proper). The area of its basin is 17,2 km² (within the city). The Skhodnya originates near the village of Alabushevo (part of Zelenograd) and flows into the Moskva River near the Tushino Airfield. The Skhodnya River is connected with a derivational canal, which supplies water from the Volga River through the Khimki Reservoir (with the help of the Skhodnenskaya hydroelectric plant) to Moscow for sanitary irrigation.


Coordinates: 55°57′05″N 37°18′50″E / 55.95139°N 37.31389°E / 55.95139; 37.31389