Skilligan's Island

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Skilligan's Island
Studio album by Thirstin Howl III
Released July 23, 2002
Genre Hip hop
Length 54:03
Label LandSpeed Records
Thirstin Howl III chronology
Serial Skiller
Skilligan's Island

Skilligan's Island is the fourth studio album by American rapper Thirstin Howl III, who also served as producer and executive producer for the album. It was released on July 23, 2002 through Landspeed Records. The album is now available on iTunes[1] and Amazon.[2]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[3]


Skilligan's Island was also produced by Steve Boston, P.F. Cuttin' (who also mixed the album), DJ Spinna (who also mixed the album along with P.F. Cuttin'), and Will Tell. Guest appearances on this album include Disco, Unique London, Big Boo, Rack-Lo, Master Fool, Cita, Eminem, Father Time, and God Forbid, among others.[4]

This album was composed by Thirstin Howl III, L. Michael Smith, Angel Cruz, and Eminem, as credited for the album on AllMusic.[5]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Thirstyman" (featuring Disco & Unique London) Thirstin Howl III 3:05
2. "Stole" (featuring Big Boo, Rack-Lo & Shillz da Realz) Thirstin Howl III 2:52
3. "Walk the Walk, Spit the Spit (Pt. 2)" (featuring Master Fool & Unique London) Thirstin Howl III 4:21
4. "Thirsty Greed" (featuring Master Fool) Thirstin Howl III 1:54
5. "Brooklyn Hard Rock (Pt. 1)" (featuring Unique London) Steve Boston 5:07
6. "The Polorican" P.F. Cuttin' 3:50
7. "Babee Farra" (Interlude) 1:04
8. "How Many Babee Movas" (featuring Cita & Dutches New York) Thirstin Howl III 2:59
9. "Spit Boxers" (featuring Master Fool) Steve Boston 3:30
10. "Dreams of Fucking a Cartoon Bitch" P.F. Cuttin' 3:25
11. "Even" (Interlude) 1:06
12. "Watch Deez" (featuring Eminem) DJ Spinna 3:35
13. "Brooklyn Hard Rock (Pt. 2)" (featuring Unique London) Steve Boston 3:41
14. "I Still Live With My Moms" (featuring Master Fool) Thirstin Howl III 4:05
15. "I Wanna Watch" (featuring Unique London) Will Tell 2:31
16. "John They're Stealing" (featuring Rack-Lo) Thirstin Howl III 4:21
17. "Keep On Cluckin'" (featuring Master Fool) Thirstin Howl III 2:40
18. "The Alaskan Fisherman" (featuring Father Time & God Forbid) Thirstin Howl III 3:17


Producers Thirstin Howl III, Steve Boston, Will Tell, P.F. Cuttin', DJ Spinna
Executive Producers Thirstin Howl III
Lead vocals and rapping Thirstin Howl III, Disco, Unique London, Big Boo, Rack-Lo, Shillz Da Realz, Master Fool, Cita, Dutches New York, Eminem, Father Time, God Forbid
Mixing P.F. Cuttin', DJ Spinna, Will Tell

Chart positions[edit]

Billboard Music Charts - "I Still Live With My Moms"[6]
Year Chart Name Peak Position
2000 Hot Rap Singles No. 42
Billboard Music Charts - "The Polorican"[6]
Year Chart Name Peak Position
2000 Hot Rap Singles No. 46