Skotterud derailment

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Skotterud derailment
Date 1 October 2010
Location Skotterud
Coordinates 59°59′N 12°07′E / 59.983°N 12.117°E / 59.983; 12.117Coordinates: 59°59′N 12°07′E / 59.983°N 12.117°E / 59.983; 12.117
Country Norway
Rail line Kongsvinger Line
Operator SJ[1]
Type of incident Derailment
Cause Crack in a wheel of the first carriage
Trains 1
Passengers 300
Deaths 0
Injuries 40[2]

The Skotterud derailment occurred on 1 October 2010, at Skotterud, Norway, when an InterCity train from Oslo (Norway) to Stockholm (Sweden) derailed due to a cracked wheel. Forty people were reported injured.[3]


The derailment site after the accident

Shortly after leaving Kongsvinger the train derailed near Skotterud at 17:40, with one carriage flipping over on its side and another running off the track and stopping in a ditch.

Passengers reported loud noises, sudden braking and a crash that some thought resulted from a collision with a vehicle. Most managed to get out of the wrecked carriages themselves and an emergency reception center was set up at the nearby town hall in Skotterud.[1]